Over time drains can suffer from a number of problems leading to reduced flow and even blockage. To identify which problem is effecting your drains and the way to solve it, our highly trained engineers use CCTV Surveying equipment. 

At EnviroClear Ltd all our fully kitted vans have the most up to date CCTV camera equipment made by Pearpoint, the leaders in this technology, and we can survey drains from 2" to 24". Surveys can be an essential part of a house purchase as it provides you with information that could normally not be seen like damaged pipes, a blockage, or just peace of mind that the structure of your drain lines are in a sound condition.

The footage is then used to create the job report and identify any remedial work that maybe required. It is also available on DVD so that should you wish to have a copy you only have to ask our engineers. Should the blockage be small in size then our engineer maybe able to remove it using the High Pressure Water Jetting equipment carried by all our staff.

CCTV Surveys

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